Discussion Papers

Brixy, Udo, Jürgen Egeln, Sandra Gottschalk und Susanne Kohaut (2021), Sonderbefragung des IAB-ZEW-Gründungspanels – Junge Unternehmen spüren die Corona-Krise stärker, IAB-Kurzbericht 4, 1-8. Download (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 425 KB)

Horbach, J. (2020), The importance of regional Spill-over Effects for Eco-Innovations in German Start-ups, SEEDs Working Paper Series 16/2020. Download (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 1,12 KB)

Camarero Garcia, Sebastian und Martin Murmann (2020), Unemployment Benefit Duration and Startup Success, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 20-033, Mannheim. Download (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 782 KB)

Brixy, Udo, Stephan Brunow und Anna D’Ambrosio (2017), Ethnic diversity in start-ups and its impact on innovation, IAB-Discussion Paper 25-2017, Nürnberg. Download (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 440 KB)

Martin Murmann (2017), The Productivity Effects of Worker Replacement in Young Firms, ZEW Discussion Paper No.17-010 Mannheim. Download (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 468 KB)

Brixy, Udo und Martin Murmann (2016), The Growth and Human Capital Structure of New Firms over the Business Cycle, ZEW Discussion Paper No. 16-079, Mannheim. Download (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 1,12 KB)

Bettina Müller und Martin Murmann (2016), The Workforce Composition of Young Firms and Product Innovation - Complementarities in the Skills of Founders and Their Early Employees, ZEW Discussion Paper No.16-074 Mannheim. Download (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 468 KB)

Bettina Müller und Martin Murmann (2016), The Role of the ‘Right’ Skill Mix for the Innovation Performance of Young Firms in the Creative Industries, Discussion und Working Paper No.CRE8TV Project Deliverable DEL: 3.2.5(R)

Block, Jörn, Karsten Kohn, Danny Miller und Katrin Ullrich (2014), Necessity Entrepreneurship and Competitive Strategy, IZA Discussion Paper No. 8219, Bonn  (forthcoming in: Small Business Economics). Download (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 149 KB)

Sandra Gottschalk, Francis J. Greene, Daniel Höwer und Bettina Müller (2014), If You Don't Succeed, Should You Try Again? The Role of Entrepreneurial Experience in Venture Survival, ZEW Discussion Paper No.14-009 Mannheim. Download (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 233 KB)

Helmut Fryges, Bettina Müller und Michaela Niefert (2013), Job Machine, Think Tank, or Both – What Makes Corporate Spinoffs Different?, ZEW Discussion Paper No.13-093 Mannheim. Download (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 245 KB)

Goldbach, Stefan (2012), Innovation and Education: Is there a "Nerd Effect"?, Darmstadt Discussion Papers in Economics 210. Download (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 376 KB)

Martin Brown, Hans Degryse, Daniel Höwer und Maria Fabiana Penas (2012), How Do Banks Screen Innovative Firms? Evidence from Start-Up Panel Data, ZEW Discussion Paper No.12-032 Mannheim. Download (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 373 KB)

Helmut Fryges, Karsten Kohn und Katrin Ullrich (2012), The Interdependence of R&D Activity and Debt Financing of Young Firms, ZEW Discussion Paper No.12-016 Mannheim. Download (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 188 KB)

Sandra Gottschalk und Michaela Niefert (2011), Gender Differences in Business Success of German Start-up Firms, ZEW Discussion Paper No.11-019 Mannheim. Download (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 202 KB)

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Sandra Gottschalk, Kathrin Schopen und Michaela Niefert (2009), Founder's Human Capital, Entry Strategies and Start-Up Size, ZEW Discussion Paper No.09-030 Mannheim. Download (PDF, nicht barrierefrei, 151 KB)

Helmut Fryges, Sandra Gottschalk und Kohn Karsten (2009), The KfW/ZEW Start-up Panel: Design and Research Potential, ZEW Discussion Paper No.09-053 Mannheim. Download (PDF, nicht barrierefrei,130 KB)